Railroad Ties 8-1/2 Foot Lengths, 9″x7″

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Railroad ties have natural and rustic beauty. They last for years. New and used Railroad Ties are perfect for landscaping such as retaining walls, footings, planter beds, steps on a sloped area, bordering, fence posts and so much more.

Landscape Railroad Ties are heavy wooden timbers approximately 8-1/2 feet long, 9 inches wide and 7 inches thick. These recycled railroad ties are from the base under the railroad steel rails.

Grades Available

Relay Grade: The best used railroad tie with four good solid sides, minor imperfection. Solid ends. Very little plate cutting.

Premium Grade: Very good quality railroad tie with three solid sides, 4th side in good shape. Hairline end cracks. Little plate cutting.

#1 Grade: A good quality railroad ties with three good solid sides. Moderate imperfection. Ends split and some cracks.

#2 Grade: A fair quality railroad tie. Has two good sides. Ends split, cracks, with some surface rot.

Switch Ties: 9 to 16 foot lengths. Available in all grades (Limited sizes in stock)

We also stock the specialty nails and drill bits needed.

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